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CRS All Staff Organizational Chart

Compliance and Risk Services 

Here is a graphical version of our Compliance and Risk Services (CRS) organizational chart (the graphical chart is the same information as below - a dotted line is shown from the Board of Trustees and the Executive Vice President to Christine Stallmann and her direct reports on the chart).

Board of Trustees (Audit, Risk, and Compliance Committee)

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Christine Stallmann: Chief Compliance Officer Office of Compliance and Risk Services 

  • Lindsay LaLonde: Executive Assistant to CCO

Ted Murray: Senior Director - CRS Operations

  • Clayton Bronson: Associate Director - SCUBA

  • Lorrie Chase: CRS Management System Specialist

  • Mark Fowler: CRS IT Systems

  • Daneen Phillips: CRS Account Rep and Office Manager

  • Tracy Thier: Training Specialist

Tim Fitzpatrick: Senior Director, Environment, Health, Safety and Emergency Management

Alexis Brubaker: Associate Compliance Officer - Compliance, Policy, and Privacy

  • Phil Davidowsky: Compliance and Policy Manager

  • Beth Goelzer Lyons: Policy Editor

Liebe Meier Swain: Director - Office of Student Health Benefits

  • Tracy Keel: Student Health Benefits Associate Director

  • Will Barr: Student Health Benefits Data Analyst

  • David Williams: Student Health Benefits Enrollment Specialist

  • Lyn Abbass: Student Health Benefits Enrollment and Member Support

  • Amanda Gallagher: Student Health Benefits Enrollment and Member Support

Paula Griffin: Program Administrator - Children and Youth at Cornell